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What is the price and how it can be payed?

Price of our services depends on your desire and needs. Send us some examples, few photographs of the wedding decoration you prefer, share with us how you imagine your wedding  to look like and we can send you an email with our proposal. We are building the idea together with our clients.

Is it obligatory to take the whole package you offer or we can chose the most suitable services?

You don’t have to choose the whole package, you can choose whatever suits you the most.

Can you create a thematic wedding?

Yes, we can also create a thematic wedding In that case, you are hiring our designer who will design the entire decoration of the wedding or put into realization the idea that the newlyweds have already designed.

How much in advance should I contact you and schedule?

To have a safe date for decoration of your wedding and all the details prepared in time, you need to contact us 6 months before your celebration. You can always invite us later, and if there is an opportunity to meet your needs, we will be happy to do it.

Can you also provide other things related to decoration of the wedding?

Yes, in addition to organizing and decorating, Pink & White offers you the opportunity to rent equipment for your wedding or any other type of celebration.

You can order small presents for the guests, bouquets, flowers for wedding, champagne glasses, decorative boxes, baskets and more.

We create scenography and decor elements, we have a variety of furniture suitable for all events. If we do not have any item of decor or furniture in our offer, we can provide it by client’s request and need.

We offer a large selection of tablecloths upholstery for chairs, decorative ribbons of different colors, models and sizes, decorative strip of tables, linen napkins, vases in various sizes, candlesticks, stands for flowers, arrangement of artificial flowers, balloon decoration, fruit tables.

You can order all services independently.

Can we get a discount?

Of course – when you hire us 6 months before the celebration and when your number of guest tables exceeds 30. You get the highest discount when you hire us for the entire organization and space decoration.

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