When I think about inspiration, what inspires me most is ordinary people who have done exceptional things. I appreciate that when someone has the ability and readiness to be unselfish, creative, innovative or just dazzling to be different. Be authentic. And look for authenticity among those who follow you.


Do you understand that you can be an inspiration for others? Even if you feel that you have not yet reached the point, you have the ability to inspire yourself. You never know who you will influence when you give – and you never know who could be in a position to repay you if you sometimes find yourself in the time of need. You will be amazed by the way others inspire you and how you make them feel. In fact, it’s the only feeling that fits the one you get when you realize that you’ve made your dream come true.

Work and Show

Do not simply say that you want to serve as an inspiration – do something. Commit yourself to the initiative. Come to someone who recognized you as a leader. It is one thing to act on that desire, which serves as an inspiration, but it is quite another to live like that inspiration. This all goes back to authenticity. Follow the things you promise. Be faithful to your brand. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. It will inspire those around you to do the same.


Provide others with a plan

There is a reason you have achieved all that you have achieved. You had the skills, yes, but you also had a plan. Now that you have reached the top, you are obliged to receive requests for advice from people who hope that your day will be the same. Some of these people will know you. Some will not. If they are ready to learn, everyone deserves your time and wisdom.


Become a mentor

One of the best ways to inspire is to be a mentor. More importantly, you have to prepare yourself to be completely open and honest. When people see you as a mentor, they fully believe in you. If you are not completely authentic in your advice, it’s like a bad service.

Let me leave you with one important note: you may think that the only moment in your life when you can inspire yourself is when you realize your dream. That’s just not the case. No matter how far you have been going, you are back to someone else. However, someone can certainly use your help and advice. You can be a great inspiration to a person. So, when the time comes to repay, it’s never better than then.