Training for wedding planners is intended for those who see themselves in organization, consulting and service delivery. An extremely important question is – how do we really know if it is for us?

Thinking about this, we added the possibility of contacting the lecturers before the training itself.

Feel free to chat with our lecturer directly on our website and discover more information and more details.

The emphasis of the training is on the interaction between lecturers and attendees, and learning based on experiences. Throughout 4 weeks, step by step, through each segment of your organization, you will immediately get applicable knowledge and be happy to embark on this job. You learn to plan, successfully realize, experiment and evaluate the impact of each event.

The course is comprehensive, from a theoretical basis, to applying it in practice, through counseling about starting your own business, marketing and charging your services.

The training is led by a lecturer whose practical experience makes a large number of successfully planned events of a different type, especially the organization of the weddings. He will be your great advisor, feel free to ask and get the most professional answers.

Participants receive manuals, work materials, refreshments, and certification of completed training, but the most important thing to gain is a very good foundation for their personal development as a wedding organizer.

For more information and details about this course, see WEDDING PLANNER TRAINING on our blog.