There are many concepts when it comes to someone who is engaged to help you with your wedding.

Wedding planner, coordinator, consultant, event manager, etc. It’s incredibly important to research exactly what is needed and what exactly the professional you choose has included in your package.


Personally, I recommend hiring a planner who offers coordination services. They will help you in the final details of your day, and will help to keep everything in mind. This process usually starts 6-8 weeks before your wedding. In case something is forgotten, planners have resources and solutions to take care of you. The list of things is endless when it comes to your wedding day. A small part of the coordination process is to get in touch with all participants of the event, ensuring that everyone delivers what is agreed and that nothing is left out.



As every bride knows, wedding planning is a huge job. There are many decisions to be made, and they are even more frightening for bride and groom who are inexperienced in planning such a big event. Sometimes, one of the best steps a couple can take is to get a wedding planner, a professional who will help them in this process.

Planners and coordinators are no longer just for couples with unlimited budgets; today many newlyweds need them, who consider their services to be worthwhile. Especially in places where you only have space rental, and where you are responsible for designing the whole day.

There are many reasons to engage with a professional – they work on these things on a daily basis so that they know the issues that need to be set up, over the years in the industry they have developed relationships with many other associates that are needed at one event and one of the most important elements – they are available on the day of the wedding, so you can enjoy a stress-free wedding.

The wedding planner leads you through the planning process of the weddings itself. The planner can help you improve your ideas, connect you with your associates, counsel and suggest ways to use your budget smartly. It keeps the layout and creates timelines for the venue, thus ensuring that all will be done – to the smallest detail.


Price and value


As for taxes, they are largely dependent on the amount of service you want. Before you hire someone, choose a few of them, interview them and ask not just how much they charge, but what they cover. Some charge a full amount that will include a certain amount of hours per day and the leading part of the event, while others charge per hour.

As professionals, we are able to analyze what you want for your wedding day and to find ways to save money, but still to realize the day you have imagined.

Our goal is to make the most perfect day you can imagine. However, if you feel that you cannot afford the full cost of a planner or do not need someone for the whole process, you can reduce the costs by hiring planners that will only help you as much as you need.

No love story is the same and we believe that neither two weddings should be.